What To Use For Fajitas?




Fajita Meats:

Skirt steak

Thin sliced boneless chuck

Thin sliced sirloin tip

Thin sliced top sirloin

Thin sliced chuck end of rib eye



The original Fajita meat is the skirt steak.  This steak was origionaly a reasonably priced piece of meat.  It is a flat stringy steak that can be grilled quite easily.  Once it is cooked it is thinly sliced against the grain creating thin strips of flavor full steak.  In todays market the price of skirt as risen and is not as readily available.  Many customers have found alternatives to skirt in using other cuts that have been thin sliced before they are cooked.  Boneless chuck is one of these items.  When sliced thin chuck can be tender and with the amount of grain present in the meat it also has plenty of flavor.  If you are looking for a leaner piece of meat your next option is using sirloin tip sliced thin.  I suggest that you should be careful when cooking this type of meat as it is very lean and can dry out on a hot grill.  The same applies to top sirloin when used in this manner but top sirloin is a more tender piece of meat to begin with.  The last item I have listed is not the cheapest way to make fajita but it is definitely a fajita you will remember.  Thin slicing Rib Eye from the chuck end of the rib has a tremendous amount of flavor when cooked on the grill and is as tender as can be.  I warn you, once you try Rib Eye it will hard to go back to using Chuck.