Grilling Tips




A few simple tips can improve your grilling experience.

After a long hard winter if you’re just like me I’ll bet you just can’t wait to have that first steak of the season on

the grill.  We can help you choose the right steak to fit your needs whether it’s flavor, tenderness or leanness, by

using our section on “WHAT IS A GOOD STEAK FOR THE GRILL”.  Once you’ve chosen your steak a few simple

tips will help make that first steak one to remember.

1.  Choose evenly sliced steaks to avoid it cooking unevenly.

2.  If choosing a leaner steak, have it sliced a little thicker to keep the juiciness in.

3.  Let meat stand out to become room temperature before grilling.

4.  Make sure the grill is up to temperature before putting meat on the grill.

5.  Use a pair of tongs to turn the meat so you do not puncture it when turning it over.

6.  Steaks cut ¾ – 1” thick should take 10 minutes to cook on a hot grill, rotate the steak 90 degrees after the first

three minutes, flip only once after another 2 minutes, rotate again after another 3 minutes,

after another 2 minutes check for doneness.

7.  Use an internal digital meat thermometer to check temperature.  (Temperature chart is below.)

8.  To maintain the flavor and juiciness of the steak avoid over cooking.

To guarantee your steak is cooked to the right temperature use a digital thermometer to check the temperature.

Beef and Lamb

Rare: 130ºF

Medium-Rare: 130º to 135ºF

Medium: 140º to 150ºF

            Medium-Well: 150º to 160ºF

            Well: 160ºF to 170ºF


Medium: 145º to 155ºF


Medium: 140º to 155ºF

            Medium-well: 155º to 165ºF

            Well-Done: 165º to 175ºF


Dark meat: 170º to 175ºF

            White meat: 160º to 165ºF