Is Leaner Hamburg Best?



Three basic Hamburgers


A. 80% Lean        4 Stars

B. 85% Lean        3 Stars

C. 90%+ Lean      2 Stars


Remember to only buy hamburger that was ground fresh that day from your local

Butcher.  It will be 100% pure beef with no additives ground from whole muscle meat that was cut by your Butcher.

 Leaner hamburger, 90%+, is for those people on a diet or watching their cholesterol.  It can be used in recipes that has flavor added to it.  The leaner the hamburger you use the less natural flavor it will lend to the meal.  Hamburg that is 85% lean is a middle meat offering some flavor but still being moderately lean.  It can be used as a hamburger on the grill, being careful not to dry it out.  It will also work as a meat loaf that has eggs, bread crumbs and other ingredients added to enhance the flavor.  The highest fat content that I would recommend using is an 80% lean hamburger.  With 20% fat this hamburger adds its’ own flavor to hamburgers, meat loaf or any other hamburger recipe that you might have