How to Cook and Size a Prime Rib



Prime rib should be dry roasted in the oven, uncovered and without liquid.

Standing Rib Roast can vary in size from two ribs up to seven ribs.  The number of ribs needed for your dinner is determined by allowing one rib for every two guests.  This will yield a serving size approximately one inch thick, the size served by most restaurants.  When carving the roast you alternate slices of roast, one slice with a bone the next slice boneless.  The carving of a rib roast can be quite tricky.  To make it easier you should ask our butcher to chine the rib bones so you will be able to slice between them.  An easier method would be to ask our butcher to cut the meat off the bone and tie it back on.  This will allow you to cook your roast with the bone for a more traditional flavor.  When the roast is done cooking you can cut the butchers string to remove the bone leaving a boneless rib roast which is much easier to slice.  This method will also better allow you to control the thickness of your servings.

Cooking a rib roast is not as hard as most new cooks think.  A few rules, if followed, will yield a great tasting, juicy roast.  First preheat your oven to 500 degrees.  While the oven is heating place your roast, bone side down in a shallow roasting pan.  To add flavor you may use your favorite rub on the roast like a black pepper and or garlic.  We do not recommend using table salt as it will draw the moisture out of the meat.  When the oven reaches full temperature, place the roast in the center of the oven.  The roast should not be covered but allowed to roast openly.  After fifteen minutes, turn down the oven temperature to 325 degrees.  This first fifteen minutes will allow the roast to sear (form a crust like exterior that will hold the moisture and flavor in the meat).  Finish cooking the roast at the 325 degrees.  The total cooking time should be between 15-18 minutes per pound, this includes the searing time at 500 degrees.  You do not have to do any thing else while the roast cooks, as a matter of fact you should not open the oven.  Opening the oven during the cooking will affect the total time needed to finish the roast.  When the meat is done place it on a warmed serving platter and cover it with aluminum foil, allow the meat to stand for fifteen to twenty minutes before carving.  The meat will continue to cook while sitting.
To help guarantee the meat is cooked to perfection a meat thermometer should be inserted in the center of the meat making sure not to place it next to the bone.  Cooking the center of the roast to between 130-135 degrees will yield a center slice of rare to medium rare and an end cut of more on the well side.  Make sure to put the thermometer in the meat before placing it in the oven, and have it face you so you can see it through the oven door without opening it.  Basically put the roast in the oven and don’t touch until it is done.