How Big A Roast Do I Need?

How Big A Roast


Is four pounds enough, is five too much, just how big of a roast do I need?


                             Boneless roast 3/4lb to 1 lb /person

                             Bone in roast 1lb to 1¼lb /person

 Adjustments    Big eaters + ¼lb/person

                            Holidays + ¼lb/person

                            Light eaters – ¼lb/person

                           Children – ¼ lb/person

The appropriate serving size of a roast depends on several factors.  When I’m helping a customer decide on how big of a roast to purchase I always start with a basic rule of thumb.  A bone in roast requires 1lb of meat per person while a boneless roast requires 3/4lb per person.  This is only the beginning of the decision process.  To really find out what the customer needs requires more information.  Does the number of people eating include children?  Is their main course being served?  These two factors will diminish the size of the roast needed.  Information that would increase the size of the roast is usually volunteered by most customers.  Statements like, “the meal is a special occasion” or “the people eating really like their meat” or “I want to make sure they have enough to eat” are classic examples of this.

After gathering the necessary information, begin with the basic rule of ¾lb per person for a boneless roast and 1lb per person bone in.  If you need to lessen the size of the roast deduct ¼ lb for each child or light eater, or if there is another main course, go to a serving size of ½lb per person.  If it’s determined that a larger roast is needed I would increase the serving size to 1lb boneless per person or 1¼ lb bone in per person.  The nice thing about beef roasts is that they make great leftovers if you do over size it a little.

When sizing bone in Prime Rib Roast the sizing is a little different.  Rather than sizing it by the pound, it is sized by the rib.  One rib will serve two people a slice ¾ of an inch each.  To make it easier to carve I recommend that our customers allow us to cut it off of the bone and tie it back on.  This way the roast can be cooked with the bone for flavor and appearance but when it is finished cooking, they can cut the strings holding the bones on and the roast can be sliced boneless.  This makes the carving easier and those people that like to pick on the bones still can.