Do I Pre Cook Pork or Chicken For The Grill?




Pre cooking pork: Covered moist cooking low heat 300 degrees for two hours

Pre cooking chicken:  NO

Pre cooking pork before it is grilled can help make it tender.  As slow cooking a pot roast on a low heat helps tenderize the meat, slow cooking pork ribs on a low heat can do the same thing.  Placing them on a flat cookie sheet with either a dry rub or a little bit of liquid and covering the ribs will also bring out the flavor of the pork.  Once pre cooked, the only thing left to do is brown the ribs on the grill with your favorite topping.  If you are an experienced griller you can cook your ribs directly on the grill without pre cooking.  Slow indirect grilling on a low heat is important to help avoid overcooking and drying out the meat.

            Where as the advantage to pre cooking pork can be that it helps tenderize, this is not the same with chicken.  Most people that try to precook chicken are more concerned with making sure that it is fully cooked.  The secret to good grilling of chicken is patience.  Pre cooked chicken will have the tendency to dry out before putting it on the grill.  Indirect heat with a closed grill will slowly cook your chicken keeping it moist and making sure the center has time to cook.  Place your chicken on one side of a gas grill, most grills have three burners, left right and middle, turn the burner under the chicken off with the middle burner on low and only the other side of the grill on full.  Turn your chicken every 5-7 minutes.  Boneless chicken breast will cook in approximately 25 minutes.  Add 5 minutes for bone in chicken and dark meat.  Only put BBQ sauce on during the last 10 minutes.